Saturday, 28 August 2010

About Myself

Hello, everyone!

I am Leo. Actually, my legal name is LIU Long. I chose the English name "Leo" just because it sounds similar to my surname. I am an exchange student from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, but my hometown is in Liaoning in mainland China.  My major is Internet and Multimedia Technologies.  I am in Year 3.

Like many other boys at my age, I liked playing computer games. However, I get bored with those games recently. I do not know why. Now, I would like to travel around rather than stay in my room, being a homebody. I like swimming. Actually, I started to learn swimming just four weeks ago in Singapore!! I can swim breaststroke now and I am still learning the crawl. I really enjoy it. I also like playing the piano. When I was learning it eight or nine years ago, all the pieces that I was taught were classical music. Honestly, I really do not understand classical music. I do not know what the composers want to express. I think my level of appreciation is not so high yet. Therefore, now, I would like to play some pop music instead, and sometimes I play with singing. I enjoy singing. It is a good way to release my emotions. It really makes me happy.

Singapore is not the first foreign country that I have been to. I have been to America last summer actually, and the state I have stayed in is Ohio! I worked in Cedar Point Amusement Park, Sandusky. I do not know whether Brad knows that park. I have to say it is really an amazing park! The roller coasters there are awesome!! I have a lot of happy memories there with my friends. I am still missing it. hehe....

Ok. I think that is all that I want to say about myself. I hope everyone knows me better now.

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  1. Thanks, Leo, for the information.

    Of course, I know about cedar Point! I've been there three or four times, most recently in 2009, for my daughter's 14th birthday. What a wild place, eh? The ride that I wanted to go on but didn't (I just watched my niece go on it) is called Dragster. Wow!

    My hometown is very similar to some of the small towns around Sandusky. Now you know where I'm from!

    It sounds like you had a good experience!