Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Reflection on My Oral Presentation

Reviewing my own presentation and having others’ reflections on my presentation are good ways of learning. When I watched the video of my presentation today, I really found many interesting things that I had never realized before. My reviews on my presentation are as follows.
As regards my strength, I think the structure of my presentation was quite clear. Also, in this presentation, I tried not to refer to the slides when I did not need to point out something on it. The result was that I referred much less to the slides than before. That was my progress. In addition, I think I also had good eye contact.
With regard to weakness, when I watched the video, the first thing I realized was that my English pronunciation is so Chinese! Although I can hear myself when I am speaking, I had never realized my pronunciation is so Chinese before I watched the video. Also, I think my delivery was not fluent enough. What I feel is that the presentation does not sound comfortable. Moreover, my presentation was lacking in interaction with the audience. That means my presentation did not properly lead the audience to think about the points that I had presented. Consequently, the presentation was not so persuasive as an interactive one. Finally, my response to questions was bad. When asked an unexpected question by Nan, I was very nervous and did not answer it well.
These are my reviews on my own presentation. Everyone is welcomed to leave feedback on my presentation here as comments. Every piece of feedback will be appreciated and valued. Thank you.


  1. Hi Leo!

    Here are the points that I've taken down:
    - Loud and clear articulation
    - Looked very confident
    - Excellent analysis of survey results (but I was thinking if using percentages instead of frequency would be better)
    - Excellent illustration of the visual effect of reams
    - Good use of rhetorical questions


  2. Thank you very much for your feedback, Yong Feng! :)

  3. Hi Liu Long,

    thanks for your presentation.

    according to my record, you talked for 5 mins, and you managed your time very well. you also got your message aroud, which made you outstanding among your team members.

    also you didn't look at the slides too much,and presented confidently, with fluent English.

    i just want to say that as a team, maybe you should have cooperated better, i mean the other members should also mind the time limit. i guess if you rehearsed, you should noticed the issue... well, this is the only weakness. i think you did your own part very well:)

  4. Hi Leo!
    I think you really did a good job!
    You are very fluent in your presentation and very calm. Clear illustration help us to understand this issue better.
    We both have too Chinese accent, which takes time to overcome. We can practice more during our exchange days. This is a good opportunity.
    Time flies! We are going back in a month time. Exchange days,really enjoy!
    See you around!

  5. Hi Leo!

    Yes, you have really progressed from previous peer teaching presentation! The first thing came to my mind when I was watching your presentation was you did not look on the screen anymore. :D
    Hmm... I think your presentation was quite clear which is contrary to what you felt and said in this post.

    Well done Leo! :D
    Hope that you have had a memorable experience in Singapore.

  6. Hi, I am coming again:)

    yep, after i watched my video, i also find that i am speaking Chinglish~~~:( and even worse, my voice is soft and unclear~~~~

    i agree with Brad that if we want to speak native English, we must talk with the native speakers and imitate them. i also think this is not easy, since the throat is different~~right?

    anyway, you are much better than me, and let's improve together:)

  7. Thanks, Leo, for this clear, concise review. With it you have received lots of useful feedback!