Sunday, 5 September 2010

Application Letter

Internship Description
Internship China: Web Application and Mobile Games Design

Software Development with Mobile Game, Mobile Application and Web/Wap Application design company, based in Beijing.

The internship:

-Work on a Web/Wap application development involving communication with Mobile phone and SMS/MMS center.

- Contribute to each task of the development process (Spec, Design, development & testing).

Intern Qualifications:

1. Love for building great software

2. Adaptability to learn and work with many different technologies

3. Ability to work with little supervision

4. Resourcefulness in solving problems. Especially skill in finding existing solutions on the internet as well as building your own

5. Willingness to ask for help and to help other engineers

6. Ability to read and write English for dealing with documents and email

7. Be familiar with Web technology like: PHP/MySql, J2EE/Spring/Hibernate, Python/Twisted/Turbogear, …

8. Knowledge Flash development will also be highly considered. Previous experience in Web App development will also be appreciated

Application Letter

Block 69, Commonwealth Drive, #02-235

Singapore 140069


September 3, 2010

Mr. Shaoli Zhang

Personnel Director

China Mobile

29 Finance Road

Beijing, China 100053

Dear Mr. Zhang:

I am an undergraduate student majoring in Internet and Multimedia Technologies in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and I am looking for an internship in Beijing. I read on of your need for a web applications and mobile games programmer. I believe I am qualified for that position.

Last summer, I worked in an IT company in Hong Kong as a web programmer for two months. I worked with a group of engineers on a Java project. From that experience, I learnt how to cooperate with my colleagues efficiently on a programming project and how to find knowledge that I have never learnt in classes. Also, I fell in love with software development because of that job.

In addition to that, I have an excellent academic record. I have won the Best Academic Performance Award of my department twice in the past three years. Specifically, in the courses Mobile Computing, which teaches Web/Wap applications development associated with mobile phones, and Web Technologies, I got grades of A+. Therefore, I believe I have a comprehensive grasp of web applications and mobile games development.

Moreover, I was a committee member of English Club in my university last year. As the official language was English, I dealt with a lot of English documents and emails while running that club. Thus, I think it will not be difficult for me to deal with English documents and emails at work.

China Mobile is the best communication company in China and it will be an honor for me to work there. I would really appreciate it if you could offer me an opportunity to interview. I can be contacted at 12345678 on phone or by email. Thank you for your consideration.


(my signature)

LIU Long



  1. Hmmm...

    The body of the application letter is well written, but the spacing between paragraphs is too big, making it difficult to read. Perhaps you should rearrange your paragraphs before posting it up.

  2. Could you summarize the info from the link?

  3. Hi Leo!
    I think your post clearly states your three presentive experience, which is very impressive.And you are really excellent. Hehe. Here are some small suggestion. If possible, you can attach the job ad, and then we can know what kind of people are better suited for the internship. I think maybe you can add some experience which can reflect your character,eg. hard-working, confidence, creative, etc. Then it will be better. In a word, this is an good application letter.

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